ECO Remover provides environment-friendly,
cleaning solutions for:

environmental remediation
oil storage tanks cleaning
grinding swarf (sludge) treatment
formulations and industrial cleaning

Ecoremover® provides environmental-friendly, high performance solutions and multipurpose cleaner for: Industrial, marine and automotive cleaning and surface preparation / Food industries / Hotels and Restaurants (HO.RE.CA) / Agricultural activities / Environmental remediation / Securing tanks and pipes ("Gas Free" certificate) / Plasticizer for sludge / Asphalt road spillage / Decontamination tunnels, ports, cliffs and beaches / Stain surfaces, fabrics and carpet / Eliminates odors for landfills and waste / Eliminates odors from wastewater treatment sludge.


Asphalt road spillage

Engine cleaning

Oil tank cleaning

Car washing

Hotels and Restaurants

Industrial cleaning

Graffiti cleaning

Soil and water decontamination

Eliminates odors from wastewater

brand design

Asphalt road spillage

digital design

Oil tank cleaning

logo design

Removes unpleasant odors

design grafic ambalaje etichete


Afisaj interior si stradal

Hotels and Restaurants

retus fotografic profesional

Industrial cleaning

ilustratie grafica

Graffiti cleaning

tipar si prepress

Soil and water decontamination

web design

Eliminates odors from wastewater


Ecoremover® is a “new generation of Safe and Ecofriendly Fluid”, water miscible in all proportions, to be used alone or as additive's base in formulations. It has an high-performance coalescing aid and high stability in formulations. It can to be used in:

liquid cleaners
wet wipes
resin core binders

Experiments are testing the functionally of Ecoremover® in the formulations of pesticides and insecticides, Textile lubricants, printing inks, cork agglomeration, binding resin, leather and pigment dispersion.

Environmental technologies

Ecoremover® is a Liquid Environmental technology for industrial cleaning and cleaning of tanks and pipes. Ecoremover fluid is an innovative, unique internationally, produced by the Italian EUROSICURA Group, based in San Mauro Torinese (Turin - ITALY). Ecoremover is made with vegetable matrix raw materials and is suitable for de-oiling, degreasing, clean from contamination of hydrocarbons (diesel, gasoline, solvents, paraffins, crude oil etc. ...), fats, vegetable and mineral oils.
Ecoremover is suitable to perform specialized services such as decontamination of tanks, drainage pipes in certified "gas free", removing safely sludge and sludge etc. It 'used for general cleaning in all industrial sectors. Also suitable for the restoration of the work areas and roads, to remove oils and gasolines from the asphalt after accidental spills, in total safety.


Environmental Sustainability is an important part of our commitment to Global Citizenship. But our responsibility to the earth doesn’t stop with our own actions as a company. We’re dedicated to support the Advancement of Chemistry helping our customers and consumers through Sound Environmental, Social & Fiscal Responsibilities, without affecting the efficiency or profitability of their business. With our sales reflecting customers’ and consumers’ desire for goods and manufacturing methods that meet sustainable development requirements, we are determined to intensify our commitment to this trend and make it one of our main strategic goals.”

Green Chemistry " The science of an effective cleaning "

The aim of green chemistry is to reduce chemical related impact on human health and virtually eliminate contamination of the environment through dedicated, sustainable prevention programs. Green chemistry searches for alternative, environmentally friendly reaction media and the same time strives to increase reaction rates and lower reaction temperatures. The green chemistry concept applies innovative scientific solutions to solve environmental issues posed in the laboratory. Paul T. Anastas, an organic chemist qorking in the Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxins at the EPA, and John C. Warner developed the Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry in 1991. These principles can be grouped into Reducing Risk and Minimizing the Environmental Footprint. Ecoremover ® - Alternative Green Fluids in Science e Application

Environmentally responsible - Totally biodegradable and non toxic for acquatic organisms
Highly effective – we never compromise on results
Safe for the user – reduce your OH&S risk
Safe to handle – slash your transport costs & storage risks

Environmental Remediation

Thanks to its innovative features, Ecoremover® is the very first revolutionary solution for the environmental treatments. Ecoremover® is indicated for the remediation of contaminated areas (water and soil) by a wide range of petroleum products, crude oil, heavy and light hydrocarbons, sludge, organic and biological fouling ,harmful substances. It is effective in fresh water or salt water. It can to be used in: Soil Remediation, Water treatments, Treatment of landfill leachate liquid, Treatment of grinding swarf (sludge), Oil spill remediation, Emergency Response and damage containment, Vapor Suppression & Odor Control, Tank Cleaning, Equipment Decontamination.

Industrial Cleaning

Ecoremover® is ideally suited for a variety of industrial, marine and automotive cleaning and surface preparation applications including resin solving, paint and graffiti removal, vinyl graphics removal, adhesive clean-up, parts cleaning, and degreasing. Ecoremover® can be easily recycled though simple filtering for repeated reuse and manipulated, due to its non-toxic, non-flammable and non-irritant properties. Ecoremover® does not require the use of masks, protective uniforms and aspiration systems.

About us

Ecoremover® story starts in the mid -1980s through the mid-1990s, when an entrepreneur named Pietro Malfarà, thank to his passion in the research in all that derived from nature, began working to develop innovative fluids for cleaning the trucks of his transport company of oil.
The product concept was a replacement for sprayed foam and solvents used in suppressing volatile vapors and reducing fire hazard associated with cleaning of oil storage tanks and fuel spills. He needed an alternative to those products that not was only effective and reliable, but just as important: easy to use and safe for both the workers and the environment. In 1998 he founded the Eurosicura Group® Company focused on supplying innovative products for professional treatments and cleansing of all surfaces.
Eurosicura Gruppo is also focalised to bringing added-value products and high-performance solutions for industrial companies and professional users, to answer to vital criteria relating to increasing legislation and environmental requirements, while offering a cost effective solution. Eurosicura Gruppo is in fact an international chemical company resolutely committed to sustainable development and production of specialty fluids for supporting the advancement of chemistry. We provide added-value products and high-performance solutions to diversified markets, including: recovery and environmental remediation, soil and sand washing, purification and water treatment, remediation of oil spill, cleaning of oil storage tanks, treatment of grinding swarf (sludge), formulations and industrial cleaning.
Our strong geographic presence in high-growth markets, as Latin America, China, Middle East and Africa, Europe, combined with the dedication of our partners and our resolute commitment to sustainable development places Eurosicura Gruppo in the strongest of positions to face the challenges of today’s industry.