ECO Remover provides environment-friendly,
cleaning solutions for:

Environmental remediation
Oil storage tanks cleaning
Grinding swarf (sludge) treatment
Formulations and industrial cleaning

Environmental technologies

Ecoremover® is an innovative fluid technology, made up of watery plant extracts, that provides environmentally friendly, high performance solutions to diversified markets, including: recovery and environmental remediation, soil and sand washing, purification and water treatment, remediation of oil spill, cleaning of oil storage tanks, treatment of grinding swarf (sludge), formulations and industrial cleaning.

Ecoremover® can remove fast and effectively, organic contaminations, like crude oil, oils, diesel, dissolvents, fat, soot, black smoke and paraffins.

Certificate “GAS-FREE”. It allows pulling down the volatile substances and the relative vapor pressure, facilitating the operations of degassing. It reduces the risk of fires and explosions, allowing operation like acetylene cutting or welding to take place in complete safety.
It allows converting the muds and hydrocarbons residual pumpable watery phase, for the removal and disposal or treatment of the waste water.
Recommended for the removal of oily residual and superficial fats from streets, storage areas, docks, etc.
Recommended to eliminate the emissions of V.O.C. substances from hydrocarbons contaminated soil. For example, when the content of a tank has overflowed, contaminating the surrounding land.
It favors the separation of the characteristic tie between the heavier components (waxes, paraffins, asphaltene) and the inorganic component (sands, rusts, muds) favoring the successive process of sedimentation.
It is ideally suited for a variety of industrial, marine and automotive cleaning and surface preparation applications including resin solving, paint and graffiti removal, vinyl graphics removal, adhesive clean-up, parts cleaning, and degreasing.

Ambiental and Safety Aspects

Quickly and promptly biodegradable
Not flammable, not toxic
Concentrated formula
Does not emit bad smells and V.O.C. substances
Does not assault or modify the structure of the surfaces
Accelerates the degradation of hydrocarbon

Safety and Transportation

It is not to consider dangerous according to the Regulations CE 1272/2008 (CLP)
No dangerousness labeling
Does not demand the use of masks, protection uniforms and systems of aspiration in the normal use
It can be transported and be storaged like not dangerous goods

Usage Information

It can be used with equipment and systems of pressure washing, manually, for immersion, with water-dryer, high pressure water and pieces washers.
It is not viscous, therefore adapted for the use in all the type of circuits and systems, without risks of pumps blocking.
It can be easily recycled though simple filtering for repeated reuse and manipulated, due to its non-toxic, non-flammable and non-irritant properties.
Ecoremover ® is an innovative environmental fluid technology, it can be used anywhere you require removal treatments, solubilize or dispersion, in water or on surfaces of any kind and quantity.
Using temperature between 3°C and 90°C.
Ecoremover® does not require the use of masks, protective uniforms and aspiration systems.